Individual HIPs

Right now, these companies have HIPs:

The Hartford
Hartford Hospital
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Trinity College
The MetroHartford Alliance also maintains a HIP for small businesses in Hartford -- contact the MetroHartford Alliance directly to determine if your small business is participating.  NINA manages the HIPs for Aetna, The Hartford, the MetroHartford Alliance, and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, while our friends at SINA manage the HIPs for Hartford Hospital and Trinity.

All of the HIPs are based on the same model, but each HIP has been tailored to meet the plans of the individual companies.  For information specific to your company's HIP, please see the appropriate page on your company's intranet site.

If you're an employee of Hartford Hospital or Trinity College, please contact Linda Valentin at SINA at (860) 493-1618 and make sure to check out SINA's HIP page on their web site.

If you're interested in getting started, you can apply right from our web site, or you can find the application and even more information about your HIP on your company's intranet.
Anything else?  Contact the HIP manager at (860) 244-9390.