Neighborhood History

Our Plan

We're asked all the time about the history of Asylum Hill, largely because it's something we work with as part of our mission. Here's where we're going to put all that information we've gathered -- maybe! We're also considering a sister web site that would be a repository for everything we've learned about Asylum Hill over the years.

At the moment, we're mostly engaged with the 19th century, because that's when our houses were built. As we track down information on the houses in order to rehabilitate or restore them, we also learn about the people who built the houses and then lived there. That's a narrow focus -- one we hope to broad with your help.

We encourage you to poke us with any questions -- and to push us to cover new topics, not directly related to our project sites. We'll answer you directly, and we'll post the information we learn here (or on that maybe possible sister site) as well. We also welcome corrections: if we've gotten something wrong, let us know! We only ask that you provide source material for us to include here.

Questions about the Neighborhood