115 Sigourney Street

Built in two sections in the late 1880s and early 1890s, this house was originally an income property for Samuel F. Jones before it passed to his daughter and famous son-in-law, James Plimpton. Plimpton followed his uncle Linus into Plimpton Envelope Manufacturing Company, eventually becoming its president. NINA member Saint Francis Hospital (now Trinity Health New England) donated this house to NINA, and we restored it to its original use as a one-family home.

115 Sigourney Street

First Floor

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Second Floor

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Project Details

Started:July 2018
Completed:October 2019
Total Budget:$398,750

Project Milestones

Acquisition:April 13, 2015
Building Permit:July 5, 2018
Certificate of Occupancy:January 15, 2020
Closing on Sale:December 11, 2020

Project History

NINA in the Blogosphere


Kyle Bergquist posted a piece on his blog today about 115 Sigourney Street and our work in Asylum Hill.  Kyle and his wife Amy are Hartford real estate agents (t

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