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04/02/2018 | David

Category: 115 Sigourney Street

It’s the last thing we needed to address:  the multiple file cabinets full of files on clients of the non-profit entity that occupied 115 Sigourney Street last.  We still haven’t quite figured out the circumstances of their departure from 115 Sigourney Street except to conclude it was abrupt, because they left a lot of stuff behind.  Most of it we could give to our non-profit and community-based partners in the neighborhood, but these files?  They were health files, full of personally identifiable information and fully subject to HIPAA.

Naturally, the files needed to be shredded.  Even more literally naturally, the files had spent a lot of time in the basement, where they’d become moldy.  So what were we to do?  This is where one of our friends stepped in to help – Aetna, well-versed in the ins and outs of HIPAA, said that they had a very large shredder, and they’d be more than happy to take care of these files for us.

We loaded up the files into the back of our car today – they were many and numerous! – and I reckoned that some group of volunteers would then sit at this very large shredder and feed the files, one by one, into it.  We were thrilled to have the files dealt with, but wow this was going to be the most suckiest volunteer gig ever!

A very large shredder at Aetna, however, is really quite large:  as big as a room!  The files went into it – boxes and all!

Thanks Aetna!

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