Forgotten Asylum Hill

May 21 - Jonathan Clark - Asylum Hill Resident
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Jonathan Clark is back to take you on a walk through Forgotten Asylum Hill, a look at the Sigourney Square District, its history, how it's changed over the years, and how it continues to change today.   Highlights include the Lord's Hill Reservoir, the (now we know differently) highest point in Hartford, the Town Farm and Almshouse, and some of the grand old houses that give Asylum Hill its distinctive Victorian look.

Jonathan will start his tour this year from the visitors entrance at The Hartford, just off Cogswell Street, by the security guard booth.  Two weeks ago there wasn't a food truck there -- but I'm cautiously optimistic there will one there at the kick-off for this tour!  If there is, or even if there isn't, come a little early and take a walk across the actual old reservoir.  (It's the visitors parking lot now, in case you're wondering.)

Tour Map

Tour Map
Starting from The Hartford, Jonathan will head downhill -- from there, it will be wherever the spirit moves him!