Gospels in Stone: The Churches on the Hill

June 19 - Mary Falvey - Hartford Preservation Alliance
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It's a short walk, this tour, but it's full of information!  This tour highlights the major churches on the Hill:  Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Asylum Avenue Baptist Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, and the Cathedral of Saint Joseph.  All four churches came to Asylum Hill in the late 19th century, and they represent a watershed moment in the history of the neighborhood, as it became sufficiently populated that its residents could demand churches of their own.  The churches also represent some of the final purchases of open land in Asylum Hill -- after this, large structures and campuses like Aetna and The Hartford had to buy land with existing structures on them.

The tour is led by Mary Falvey, the executive director of the Hartford Preservation Alliance.  Mary has long studied the architecture of the churches here on the Hill, and she likes to talk about how the churches talk to you  -- and the messages the buildings have to offer can be quite surprising!

Please note:  this tour takes place on Wednesday, June 19, and it starts from in front of Cathedral Green, which is at 809 Asylum Avenue, just across the street from Asylum Hill Congregational Church.


Unlike previous weeks, this tour is on Tuesday (not Wednesday) and it starts out in the neighborhood (not at The Hartford).

Our starting point will be in front of the Cathedral Green, a housing development project of the Archdiocese of Hartford. It's directly across the street from Asylum Hill Congregational Church, but it's a shadier spot to begin.