Asylum Hill Walking Tours

Asylum Hill Walking Tours
Each spring and summer, NINA organizes tours on behalf of The Hartford and Aetna. These tours showcase Asylum Hill's history, architecture, geography, or just about any other topic we can think of. Tours generally run from 12-1p -- check our walking tours page for the precise schedule.

Every year, NINA organizes a series of walking tours for the employees of Aetna and The Hartford, but these tours are open to everyone interested in learning more about Asylum Hill!
Tours generally run for an hour starting at noon. Day of the week varies, but it's typically Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Tour guides are residents and other community stakeholders, and they lead tours based on their interests, field of work, or experiences living in the neighborhood.
Starting in 2020, we plan to include more self-guided tours that can be tailored to the interests of the participants, whether they want to see history, architecture, or just a few sites along the way of a lunchtime power walk.
For more information, sign up for our walking tour newsletter -- it runs each year around the organized walking tour series.