No sooner than they finish the roundabout, then this

9/29/2021 | David

Category: News

The rotary at Park Terrace, Sigourney, and Russ really would have had only a minor effect on those of you who commute to Asylum Hill, but this new project will impact lots of you.  ConnDOT has begun work on the Sigourney Street bridge that goes over the train tracks and over (and under) Interstate 84.  From the looks of it, the project will take a long time:  note that the new traffic patterns around the construction have been painted into place.

The details.  You can still get off 84 onto Sigourney Street, but the offramp is now one lane at the end.  You can go both north and south, but again, only one lane until you’re fully off the bridge.  The light at Hawthorn now rates between north and south – as in, northbound goes while everyone else has a red, and then southbound goes.  This is to prevent someone wanting to turn left from Sigourney northbound blocking everyone behind them.  As for southbound, you can still get onto 84 going east, but you can only get there from the southbound lanes.  Northbound Sigourney is closed entirely between Park Terrace and the highway offramp.

What does this have to do with that new rotary?  They deliberately held off on the bridge project until the rotary officially opened.

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