We are a staff of two, a board of eight, and a network of numerous partners! We are supported annually by our four member institutions, and we hire local Hartford contractors to work on our projects. We are also over 100 volunteers every year who come out to work on our projects and in our community.

Want to get involved with us? We have lots of ways you can contribute, and we appreciate anything you can offer.

Frankly Asked Questions

How NINA Works

"NINA" is an acronym that stands for "Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance." The structure of our organization is taken from SINA, or Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, and where they work on the south side of Hartford we work on the north, hence the name. Our institutions are our members: Aetna, The Hartford, Trinity Health Care New England (Saint Francis Hospital), and Webster Bank.

Broadly speaking, it's all of Hartford north of Interstate 84, but for NINA's purposes it's the Asylum Hill neighborhood.

A CDC is a "community development corporation," which is what NINA is. This designation gives NINA special status with regards to the acquisition and and ownership of properties.

All of our institutions are based in Asylum Hill, and they wanted NINA to work exclusively in their neighborhood. Not to mention there are numerous other non-profits and community-based organizations at work all over Hartford and concentrating on other neighborhoods within Hartford: so far as we know, we are the only one that focuses on Asylum Hill.

Our members are the institutions of Asylum Hill: Aetna, The Hartford, Trinity Health Care (Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center), and Webster Bank. In a nutshell, they formed an alliance in 2003 and founded us to revitalize their neighborhood, and they continue to support our operations annually. They also contribute to our various projects through funding and volunteer time put in by their employees. Their membership entitles them to seats on our Board of Directors., and they each nominate employees with relevant skills to sit in those seats. These skills include real estate, law, and government affairs, and they share their expertise with NINA as they help to guide our annual strategic planning process. Once upon a time, there were two other members, ING and MassMutual, but they moved on ...

It's with a long i, as in N-eye-NA, not a short i as in N-eee-NA. No, we're not really sure why, except that it's S-eye-NA, too.

Who We Are