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The Linus Plimpton House

The Linus Plimpton House
One of Hartford's grandest old homes: online sources say it was built in 1884-1885, but our research indicates that the house was built as early as 1862 by a developer who subsequently "flipped" it. Over the next two decades, as many as eight different people would own it, until Linus Plimpton bought it in 1884. We think he then built several substantial additions to the house, including the distinctive octagonal tower, the rear wing, and the third floor. Don't quote us yet, though -- we're still doing the research! Our plan for this magnificent house is to renovate it as an owner-occupied three-family home, with the future homeowner controlling the two rental units. We anticipate that this house will be on the market by fall of 2023, and you can following along with our progress at our page dedicated to the Plimpton House.

Who was Linus B. Plimpton?

The George W. Hamilton Home

The George W. Hamilton Home
Built in the late 1880s or early 1890s, the George W. Hamilton House was last used as an owner-occupied, three-family home. The house was renovated once before, in the mid-1970s, and NINA plans to restore the home as an owner-occupied single-family. We expect that the home will be on the market by late spring or early summer of 2023, and you can follow our progress at our page dedicated to the Hamilton House.

Who was George W. Hamilton?

NINA's Past Work in Asylum Hill

NINA's Past Work in Asylum Hill
Since 2003, NINA has rehabilitated the Victorian Lady, which we moved from its original location on Sigourney Street to 21 Ashley Street; 1 Imlay Street, which was one of the first houses in the Nook Farm section of Asylum Hill; the Zunner Building at 207 Garden Street, a substantial mixed-use building at one of the northern gateways into the neighborhood; and the two townhomes at 87 & 89 Atwood Street, which saved the historic facade of the building. We've also built new homes at 33 Sargeant, 52 Huntington, 54 Huntington, and 80 and 86 Hawthorn Streets, all of which refelect the historic architecture of Asylum Hill's Victorian period.

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