Forgotten Asylum Hill

Focuses on the Sigourney Square Historic District of Asylum Hill, with a particular emphasis on the Old Town Farm.


140 Garden Street
136 Collins Street
132 Collins Street
181 Collins Street
207 Garden Street
8 Ashley Street
18 Ashley Street
21 Ashley Street
50 Ashley Street
102 Huntington Street
Sigourney Square Park

Tour stops vary, depending on time and weather.

Tour Details

Jonathan's tour covers the Sigourney Square District, which runs between Woodland Street and Garden Street north of Collins Street. He recounts the history of the Hartford Reservoir, the Hartford Almshouse and Pest House, and the development of housing in the district.

Tour Guide

Jonathan Clark is a local historian and longtime resident of Asylum Hill. He covers important sites that are longer extant, including the Old Town Farm, the Old Town Reservoir, and Collins Street east of Garden Street. He has historic photographs that show you the view of the old sites from where you're standing, and he also typically offers a peek inside his own historic house on Huntington Street.