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Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance
Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, Inc. (NINA) is a not-for-profit corporation organized in 2003 to foster the revitalization of Hartford's Asylum Hill neighborhood.  NINA is a collaborative effort of four major institutions working together with residents on the common goal of improving Asylum Hill.  Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for reinvestment in Asylum Hill by enhancing public safety, homeownership, economic development, and education throughout the neighborhood.


The Fall Walking Tour Series

This week's tour is "Forgotten Asylum Hill" led by Jonathan Clark.  If you missed it this past summer, want to take it again, or have never been on it before, Jon will show you Asylum Hill as it used to be and how it became the neighborhood it is today.

Important note
  This tour starts on the sidewalk in front of the old Connecticut Mutual building, 140 Garden Street, now part of Hart Beat Park.

For more information on this tour, check out our Asylum Hill Tours page.

Are You HIP?
NINA administers the homeownership incentive programs (HIPs) of Aetna and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.  This program offers an incentive to employees who are interested in living in Hartford -- why Hartford?  Aside from being a great place to live, HIP offers the opportunity to save the world and green the planet.


Revitalizing Asylum Hill
As part of our revitalization work, NINA has rehabilitated eighteen historic properties for homeownership in the Sigourney Square District of Asylum Hill. We're working now in the Nook Farm District as well, and we're looking forward to the completion of our first project there later this year.