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We’ve been at work since 2004 helping to revitalize Asylum Hill by remediating blighted historic houses and creating new opportunities for affordable homeownership for low- to moderate-income households.

We’re very glad you’ve dropped by our web site! We hope you enjoy your visit – you can learn all about what we’re currently up to, what we’ve already done, and who we think we are while you’re here. You can also contribute to what we’re doing, if you’d like to get involved!

What We Do

NINA is the Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, Inc., and we are the non-profit community development corporation at work in the Asylum Hill neighborhood of Hartford, Connecticut. We focus primarily on the rehabilitation of blighted historic houses, but every now and again we’ve been known to build something new. In either case, all of our homes are sold affordably to low- to moderate-income households, and we are very proud that our work has helped to bring over 20 new homeowners to Asylum Hill since 2004.

Want to learn more? We have frankly answered our most frequently asked questions already, but if you have a new one, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. You can also check out the latest happenings at NINA, but we’re not the most frequent or even regular posters. Just so you know.

Where We Work

In Asylum Hill! When our member institutions – Aetna, The Hartford, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and Webster Bank (plus MassMutual and ING, but they’ve moved on) – got together to see what they could do jointly to revitalize Hartford, they looked specifically at their own backyard, which is Asylum Hill. They created NINA and charged NINA with its mission to eliminate blight and to expand the opportunities everyone on the Hill has to a healthy, happy, and safe time here. Aetna, The Hartford, and Saint Francis Hospital have all been here for almost a century, and while Webster Bank is a relative newcomer to the neighborhood, they along with our historic institutions have dedicated themselves to revitalizing Asylum Hill by supporting NINA’s operations annually.

We’ve put together some walks you can take around the neighborhood if you’d like to see some of its history and architectural character. Each walk can be done in about an hour, less if you’re in it for the exercise, and we’ve highlighted some important sites along the way on each walk. If you’d like us to take you on a tour, just ask! We like nothing more than showing off our neighborhood.

Who We Are

NINA is its staff, its board of directors, its member institutions, and the peer non-profits and community-based organizations that we work with to revitalize Asylum Hill. Check us out: we answer questions about us as well as about all of the people and places and organizations that make us who we are and what we do – but don’t expect too many photos, as some of us are very camera shy.

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