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What's What in Asylum Hill

What's What in Asylum Hill
We found this in a wall at 1 Imlay Street.
The great thing about Asylum Hill is that there are thousands of stories waiting to be told. Like this one: this is a wedding invitation we found at our project at 1 Imlay Street. Turns out the invitation was sent to one of the home's earliest owners, Eliza Brazell, who turns out to be the great grandmother of a woman who works at Aetna -- and who walks past our project every day. She reached out to us, and with her help we learned that the "island home" is King's Island on the Enfield-Suffield line and that the father of the brides, DeWitt Clinton Terry, was a Millerite who bought the island as a place from which to await the end of the world.

We find lots of things as we work in the neighborhood, and we encounter lots of people who have personal memories to share. When we were working on installing the new gas line at our project at 235-237 Sargeant Street, the CNG technician who came out told us that his grandparents had lived on the street and that he could remember buying fruit from the vendor pushing his cart down the street. And we met the grandson of the owner of 199-201 Sargeant Street, who remembered his grandmother feeding people who came to the back door, which led to the kitchen, during the Great Depression. Or there was the great granddaughter of George Zunner, the architect who designed our building at 207-213 Garden Street, who came across us because she was researching her family history online.

If you have a memory or anything else you'd like to share, or if you're looking for more information on your own connection to Asylum Hill, please contact us by e-mail to let us know. We're happy to help -- and we're happy to get help, too!