I-84 Viaduct Project -- The Trident

September 5 - - ConnDOT, TranSystems, Fitzgerald & Halliday
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For those of you who work at Aetna or The Hartford and commute eastbound out of Hartford, the Trident -- that triangular knot of traffic where Asylum, Farmington, Cogswell, and Broad all collide -- is likely the bane of your existence.  Once upon a time two avenues diverging from a single point may have made beautiful sense, but now?  Not so much!  As part of their work on I-84, the Connecticut Department of Transportation plans to address the Trident.  Since they are re-locating the highway interchanges -- and that includes the one currently on Broad Street, the one that takes you to I-84 East -- they are taking the opportunity to do something with (to?) the Trident as well.  This tour will describe from the ground level what they are considering, and it is also your chance to tell DOT what you think should be done here.

This is a good one, and a real opportunity to tell DOT what you think -- we hope we'll see you there!