The Street on which I Live

June 18 - Frank Hagaman - Hartford Preservation Alliance
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An "Off Wednesday" Tour!  This one takes place on Monday, June 18, starting at noon.
      Frank Hagaman takes us on a tour of the street on which he lives -- this time, heading down into Frog Hollow to visit his old stomping ground.  The tour will start at Ahern's Funeral Home and then head south on Sigourney Street, and then turn eastward along Capitol Avenue.  Highlights will include 

  • the George Keller House at 24 Park Terrace, Hartford's premier historic home of a locally famous person
  • the George Keller Historic District - Hartford's premier local historic district
  • Fire & Spice - Hartford's premier vegan eatery
  • Little River Restoratives - Hartford's premier speakeasy
  • Banh Meee - Hartford's premier Vietnamese eatery
  • Story & Soil - Hartford's premier coffeehouse

And all of it easily within walking distance!  In case you can't tell, the street on which Frank lived is the street on which I live, and all of the superlatives above are true, if a bit biased!
      Frank is a consummate storyteller and tour guide, and he will keep you well entertained as he leaves you well informed.  We look forward to seeing you out there on Monday, June 18 at noon!