Open House: NINA's Latest Project, 94-96 Ashley Street

August 2 - David Corrigan - NINA
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A "Sort Of" Walking Tour:  An Open House at 94-96 Ashley Street
No Formal Start Time -- Come By Any Time Between Noon and 1:00

Come by and see NINA's latest project!  We'll be putting this home on the market shortly, and this is a great opportunity to see firsthand the work that NINA does in the neighborhood.  We'll show you around the house, and we'll talk about how this historic home fits into the overall neighborhood -- past, present, and future.  We'll be happy to answer any questions about the nuts and bolts of NINA's work:  how we acquired the house, how we restored it, and how we'll sell it.

We hope we'll see you out for it!

Tour Map

Tour Map
There are a variety of ways to get to 94-96 Ashley from Aetna and The Hartford. The routes on this map work for both walking and driving to the house.

The most straightforward routes are:
From Aetna: north on Sigourney, right turn at Ashley
From The Hartford: either west on Collins, right on Huntington, then one block to Ashley
OR north on Garden, left on Ashley


There's plenty of off-street parking near 94-96 Ashley, but we don't recommend trying to park on Ashley in front of the house: it's usually full. Best bets are:
Huntington Street -- either side
Ashley Street -- east of Huntington on either side, but please note there are two bus stops on the south side
Sargeant Street -- south side east of Huntington


Next Week's Tour

Jonathan Clark takes us around on another tour of Forgotten Asylum Hill -- an exploration of parts of Asylum Hill that are no more, including the Alms House and the Hartford Reservoir.

Starts at noon on August 9 -- start location TBD.

Last Week's Tours -- What You Missed

Last week we had two tours, one of West Middle Community School and one of the four major churches of Asylum Hill (the Gospels in Stone tour).

On the West Middle tour, Nicole Rodriguez showed us around the inside of the newly renovated school, and highlights included the new gym and library spaces. Best of all, though was a trip up to the roof to see the new outdoor athletic field!

On the Gospels in Stone tour, Mary Falvey arranged an inside trip into Trinity Episcopal Church, where we were met by Reverend Donald Hamer, the church's rector, and he showed us the real advantages of a church without pews: you can change the seating arrangements!

There's been a growing interest in running a few additional tours this fall, after Labor Day, when temperatures promise to be more mild. Several of our guides, including Nicole, Mary, and Don, all expressed a willingness to participate, so stay tuned!