Wallace Stevens Walk

May 7 - Jim Finnegan - Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens
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Jim Finnegan of the Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens will take you on a walk much as Wallace Stevens himself took in Asylum Hill!  Stevens is considered one of the major American poets of the 20th century, and he wrote the majority of his poems while he also worked at The Hartford.  Stevens is locally famous for having walked to work from his home on Westerly Terrace up in the West End, and along the way to and from his office he composed his poems.  He followed in the footsteps of Samuel Clemens and Joseph Twichell, both of whom famously worked out their writings as they walked on Asylum Avenue.

This is a new tour for us this year, so I'm not entirely certain as to what the route will be -- likely it will head up Asylum Avenue along the markers that commemorate Stevens's walk and head at least part of the way toward Stevens's home.  Jim will talk about Stevens's life, his poetry, and his career at The Hartford, and he'll also talk about the markers themselves.  

The tour begins at noon from the door right across from The Hartford's visitors parking lot off of Cogswell Street.  We hope you'll join us for this tour and give Jim a warm welcome to the series!

Tour Map

Tour Map
We start at the entrance into The Hartford right across from the visitors lot off of Cogswell Street. If you can come a little early, there'll be a food truck there, too!