Coming Soon: A magic Elevator ride

12/30/2014 |

Category: 207-213 Garden Street

Work on the new elevator at 207 Garden Street progresses steadily.  This represents a substantial addition to the buildilng, not just by making it much more accessible to future occupants but also in terms of sheer volume.  The blue tarp seen in these pictures hides the former "gangway" access to the fire escape, while the clear plastic protects the new elevator shaft.  The cinder block addition is the future new entrance to the apartments on the first and second floor and the offices on the third -- eventually, we will cover the cinder blocks in yellow brick to match the building's facade on Garden Street.

This is an enormous undertaking!  It is also one we couldn't have taken without funding from the State of Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development and the support of Representative Matt Ritter.

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