staircases at the zunner building

03/09/2015 |

Category: 207-213 Garden Street

We're getting ready to restore the staircases at 207 Garden Street, so we headed over today to capture the original staircases for posterity and for the contractor who will do the restoration work on the stairs.  A lot of the treads and risers will have to be replaced, but we will be meticulous in our effort to ensure it will retain the same look and feel as the original.

While we were there, we strolled through the gutted second and third floors and snapped a couple of photos there, too.  The big hole in the floor in two of the pictures is going to be new access to the basement in the 207 commercial unit.

Also, we included two extreme close-ups of the curved risers on one of the staircases from behind.  These shots give a rare glimpse into carpentry from almost 100 years ago.

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