The Partnership for Strong Communities Recognizes NINA's work to Diversify the Affordable Housing stock in Hartford

03/12/2019 | David

Category: News

The Partnership for Strong Communities mentioned NINA's work on affordable housing in Asylum Hill in a nice piece on diversifying Hartford's affordable housing stock on its web site today.  Not to sound ungrateful, but they did get the address of the Zunner Building wrong!  It's at 207 Garden Street, and it does include a three-bedroom along with several one-bedroom apartments, all of which are affordable and in a fantastic location.  The addresses that the piece did list, 87 and 89 Atwood Street, are still NINA projects, though.  They are the side-by-side, three-story townhomes that we located behind the historic facade of a Perfect Six.

The other address listed, 4-40 Vine Street, is a fantastic set of buildings beautifully restored by our peer CDC, Sheldon Oak Central.

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