NINA Receives NAA Grant from ConnectiCare

1/29/2020 | David

Category: News

Kim Kann, Senior Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications at ConnectiCare, dropped by 115 Sigourney Street today to present NINA with a grant through Connecticut's Neighborhood Assistance Act program.  ConnectiCare has supported NINA for last three years, and we were thrilled today to be able to give Kim a look at what ConnectiCare's contribution helps to support.

NAA grants support energy-efficient features at affordable housing projects, in particular at historic rehabilitations, where the cost of installing energy-efficient features can be very expensive.  ConnectiCare's generosity helps NINA to keep our homes affordable to buy and affordable to live in, and that helps to revitalize Asylum Hill.

Pictured here are Susan Winkler, Executive Director of the Connecticut Insurance and Financial Cluster and NINA Board Member; Kim Kann; and Ken Johnson, NINA Executive Director.

We are very grateful to ConnectiCare and to Kim for their continued support for our work!

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