Boxes of books at home

10/20/2020 | David


We’ve gotten through most of the school supplies, so now we’re focused more exclusively on books.  It is surprisingly difficult to get things delivered to Veeder Place – we rarely even try anymore – so the books, which will be arriving in multiple small shipments, will be visiting my home before heading up to the Veeder Place loading dock.

Why not have the teachers come to my house, or just take them straight to school?  First and foremost, because my house fills up before it’s practical to ask the teachers to take time out from teaching to come get boxes.  Second, there’s the pandemic, of course, and it’s best we minimize the number of times we see each other.  And then finally, the most direct route between my house and West Middle is closed!  It will be, too, for at least the next year.  Go figure.

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