And at long last, the last delivery to West Middle Community School!

7/20/2021 | David

Category: TeacherDollars

From my house to the school to the office of the vice principal.  Thanks to Jaclyn Visintainer for the shot from her office.

This has been an interesting time of it!  We were very glad that we could pitch in with things at West Middle Community School, and by all accounts the students are enjoying it all.  But, I have to say, the vendors made this a very strange and occasionally complicated process.  Did you know, for example, that if you have an Amazon Business account you can only pay for orders with a personal checking account or credit card?  It’s actually in the business account agreement, which I’ll confess to having missed, but honestly:  what’s the point of a business account if you can’t use business funds to pay for stuff???

You can read all about it on our page dedicated to TeacherDollars.  Eventually.  I’m still feeling a bit snarky about some of what the vendors put me through.

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