30-32 Ashley Street

The porch of this 1892 Queen Anne home was falling apart when NINA acquired this vacant property and restored it as an owner-occupied two-family home.

30-32 Ashley Street is one of two identical two-family homes on Ashley Street between Garden Street (e) and Huntington Street (w), the other being right next door at 34-36 Ashley Street. This distinction sets these houses apart, as they are the only historically two-family homes on this block. The home here was built by Frederick Mahl as part of his major development on Ashley, and as such it should be viewed as connected to the six Mahl homes across the street, three of which (47, 51, and 55) are NINA homes. It is a Queen Anne style house, and it features an asymmetrical façade with a three-sided bay on one side of a projecting main gable on the other. Its ornate two-story front porch has turned posts, brackets, and a spindlework frieze. It also features intricate masonry, including of course Mahl’s signature recessed triangles in the main gables.

Red Letter Days for 30-32 Ashley

Major milestones in NINA's development of 30-32 Ashley Street

June 27, 2008NINA took title to the house.
July 15, 2008Plans for the rehab completed.
September 22, 2008City of Hartford issued NINA a building permit.
August 19, 2009City of Hartford issued a certificate of occupancy for the house.
August 21, 2009NINA transferred title to the new homeowners.



30-32 Ashley wasn't in bad shape when NINA acquired it. In February 2007, a pipe burst, necessitating extensive repairs and causing the house to sit vacant. As you'll be able to see in these photos, the repair work was underway as NINA took title. The previous owner was going to maintain the house as an income property, but NINA worked with him to sell it so that we could restore it as an owner-occupied opportunity.