55 Ashley Street

One of the most unique houses that NINA has ever worked on. Beneath two layers of shingles, we found much of the original wood shingles intact, including the "fish scale shakes" in the gables and in between the first and second floors, and it has two front doors, despite having been built as a single-family home.

55 Ashley Street

One of the challenges of photographing this house is the glorious weeping cherry tree in front of it, so we typically take our shots of the front in the winter, when the leaves are of the tree. Coincidentally, the two pictures here were taken exactly 3 years apart to the date.

First Floor

Red dots are before photos, and yellow dots are after photos. Dots represent approximate location of photographer. Use slider to see before and after floor plans: slide to right to see before, and slide to left to see after.
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The Real Kitchen

It’s the “real” kitchen because there was another kitchen on the second floor when we acquired the house. We think there were two units in the house – one in front and one in back, taking advantage of the front and rear staircases – but who knows?

Second Floor

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Project Details

Started:July 2012
Completed:June 2014

Project Milestones

Acquisition:December 21, 2011
Building Permit:April 19, 2012
Certificate of Occupancy:July 10, 2014
Closing on Sale:January 5, 2015

Distinctive Architecture

Three features make this house unique: the decorative woodwork in the gables, the two types of shingles, and the two front doors that are equally grand except that one has a mail slot.

Project History

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