A tale of two exteriors

11/4/2013 | David

Category: 51 Ashley Street,55 Ashley Street

We’re still puzzling over these very different houses.  As we’ve mentioned previously, we know 51 Ashley was part of an set of 6 houses with alternating designs built by Frederick Mahl in the 1890s, but we don’t have any information on who built 55 Ashley or when, exactly.  It does mark the switch to wood from brick on the south side of the street, and in that regard it corresponds to 50 and 54 Ashley across the street, but 55 is still quite different from even those houses.  We’re still looking into it, but near as we can tell 55 Ashley is unique on the street, in the neighborhood, and maybe even in the city.

And, yes, I did go inside both houses!  See the next posts.

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