A new kitchen for 94 ashley?

05/13/2016 | David

Category: 94-96 Ashley Street

A couple of days ago, Morgan Ferrarotti of The Hartford got in touch with us.  For awhile now, The Hartford has had a model kitchen on display in its main lobby, but the exhibit is now coming to an end.  Morgan wanted to know:  could NINA use a new kitchen?

It's not the sort of offer we get everyday, but Ken Johnson and MIke Stockman went over to have a look and take some measurements.  It's actually lovely -- it's a "butcher block" with everything it, from cabinets to the stove to electric outlet to, yes, the kitchen sink.  It was designed to keep everything low and within reach, which reminded us of the kitchen we installed over at 1 Imlay, but really this one was made with seniors in mind.  And it bears the AARP seal of approval, AARP being a co-sponsor of this model kitchen exhibit with The Hartford.

Just plain dumb luck, but it looks like the kitchen on the second floor at 94 Ashley Street is big enough for this kitchen.  The stars may really have aligned for us on this one!

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