New and Old Egresses at 117 Sigourney Street

12/03/2018 | David

Category: 117 Sigourney Street

Over at 117 Sigourney, we've started on new egresses as well as closing up old ones.  Along the south side of the building, we've removed the doors that led to the fire escape, and this work is then a prelude to removing the fire escape altogether.  Around at the back of the building, we're adding a new egress:  this new back door will lead to a new, interior staircase that will have access to each of the three units.  We think this will make for a much more attractive, safe, and sustainable building.  The old iron fire escape is not particularly safe, and it can get very slippery.  The new staircase, which opens up directly onto the parking lot, will be protected against inclement weather and will probably now become the main point of entry for the future residents.  Who would want to take their groceries all the way around the front of the building?

 That's Matt Pearce looking back at us from the basement.  He's building the new staircase for us.

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