Work goes on

4/14/2020 | David

Category: 86 & 88 Hawthorn Street

Despite the pandemic, construction goes on at 86 and 88 Hawthorn Street, but as you might have guessed we’ve made several changes to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe.

First, we’ve slowed down the construction schedule:  only one contractor will be on site at any given time in order that everyone can stay six feet apart on the job site.  Now that we’re working on the interior, that will be challenging, but everyone wants to keep everyone else healthy.

Second, no more volunteers.  Unfortunately, this would be a great time to have groups in:  spring is here, we’ll be hanging drywall soon, and then we’ll be painting – all jobs we typically offer as opportunities for volunteers.  Not on this project, and not likely this year.  And most of our volunteers aren’t in Hartford right now!  The employees at Aetna and The Hartford are working from home, and it’s hard to describe just how quiet Hartford is at the moment.

And third, I won’t be taking any action shots for the foreseeable future, since there’s no real way I can get into the house while the contractors are there.

So, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy the photos!

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