Volunteering during the Pandemic

4/23/2020 | David

Category: 117 Sigourney Street

We had a bit of an interesting situation arise.  As our contractors finished up at 117 Sigourney Street, they decided to use the municipal recycling carts for all of their trash – not exactly what the City intended!  But there’s no dumpster at 117 anymore, and now that we’re moving rapidly to closing on 117 we had a bit of a problem …

As luck would have it, I happened to know a Hartford high school student (my daughter, in case you’re wondering) who needs community service hours as part of her graduation requirements.  We had a nice walk together as we escorted the recycling carts down Sigourney, across Farmington, down Imlay, and then to 86 Hawthorn, where there is a dumpster.

Of course, we then had to walk the carts back to 117, but it was a fun time had by all!  And yes, in this case, the masks did double duty.

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