A big walk - Sigourney, Imlay, and Hawthorn Streets

2/27/2022 | David

Category: Safe Growth

I’m starting to feel the press of time, as in Eastern Daylight Savings Time, so I decided to take a walk on Sigourney Street on a Sunday night.  One miscalculation, though:  by going a bit earlier than normal, I discovered that the timers may run differently on either side of Sigourney.  Am I sure that they weren’t just out?  No, but at least one light popped on while I took a picture of it.

By the time I got to Hawthorn Street, however, there was no question that almost all of the decorative streetlights were out.

Yet another factor to include in our assessment of crime and quality of life data because, really, the lights should come on at the same time throughout the neighborhood, let alone on the same street!

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