Street signs on Ashley

3/3/2022 | David

Category: Safe Growth

A sampling – but it has caught my eye that almost every Blockwatch Protected sign is in sorry shape.  Although not necessarily as important as parking signs or speed limits, these signs will likely become our priority.

Also, it’s really hard to believe that anyone in their right mind thinks that 30 miles per hour can be done on Ashley Street, let alone is appropriate to the street’s circumstances!  Contrast this sign with the “Slow Children at Play” sign farther down the street at Sigourney Square Park.

The “buses only” sign is part of a 1970s crime prevention program funded by the Department of Justice.  This program has been cited – and not just by me! – as the beginnings of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.  Cars are prohibited from circling the park, which during the 1970s was seen as a way to prevent drug dealing and prostitution.  Other spots in the neighborhood included in this program were the closed street at Sargeant and Sigourney; the closed street at Willard and Collins; the pinched intersection at Huntington and Collins; and the one-way direction on Huntington from Asylum to Collins.

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