The last of it - Asylum Avenue

3/10/2022 | David

Category: Safe Growth

Huzzah!  I finished up my street walking tonight with Asylum Avenue.  I just beat Daylight Savings Time, too.  Along the way, I also finished up Garden Street – you know, the part I don’t walk along to get home.

On my way out, I caught a marvelous view of the sunset down Sargeant Street.  I also got some nice shots of the pedestrian tunnel under the railroad bridge on Asylum Street, the front portico of The Hartford, and the Alice Cogswell Statute, which it turns out has floodlights!  In all my years in Hartford, I can’t ever remember seeing Alice lit up.  There are also two photos of Aetna’s support for Ukraine:  the light in its cupola alternates between blue and yellow.

Next step:  I’ll collate these photographs and then start work on getting the lights turned back on.  After that, we’ll continue geocoding streetlights and then look into mapping crime data against streetlights.

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