A new unit of measurement for asylum hill

11/06/2014 |

Category: 1 Imlay Street

In case you've ever wondered whether any single person could have an oddball effect on anything, here's the proof of it!

Way back when, when we were working with the architects to design the restoration of 1 Imlay Street, a disagreement over how high the windows on the third floor should be.  One side argued for very tall, while the other side lobbied for much, much shorter.  A compromise was agreed to:  NINA's program, an average person of average height, would be able to look out the window without having to bend down.  Thus, a new unit of measurement was born!  Whatever you want to call it, the windows at 1 Imlay are now one unit of it.

What makes this truly an oddball effect is that the program manager is notorious for never standing up straight ...

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