Dinner with the Swifts

3/29/2017 | David


Tonight we were part of a tour for Christopher Swift, CEO of The Hartford, and Mary Swift, his wife.  They were joined on their tour by Kathleen Bromage, Chief Markeing and Communications Officer for The Hartford.  This tour was arranged by Diane Cantello, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability at The Hartford, and it was organized by Morgan Ferrarotti, Director of Strategic Community Investments at The Hartford.  We worked with them to connect the Swifts with Katie Kokias, one of the residential tenants at 207 Garden Street, and she very graciously took us through her apartment.  We also worked with Steve Borla and Naveed Sobhan of the Hartford Community Loan Fund to host the Swifts for dinner.  Together, we were able to give the Swifts a real inside look at 207 Garden Street and everything that had gone into its rehabilitation.

The Swifts’ visit 207 Garden was the last stop on the tour that Diane and Morgan put together, and we all enjoyed the chance to sit, enjoy dinner from Kent Pizza just downstairs, and to talk about our work as well as the broader effort to revitalize Hartford and Asylum Hill.  The Hartford has been a tremendous partner with us since we were founded – in fact, they founded us! – and we appreciate how strongly The Hartord continues to invest in NINA as we near 15 years of working together in Asylum Hill.

Naturally we celebrated the moment with a joint photograph!  Pictured from left to right are Kathleen Bromage, Morgan Ferrarotti, David Corrigan, Christopher Swift, Mary Swift, Diane Cantello, Naveed Sohan, and Steve Borla.  We’re in HCLF’s conference room, which overlooks Garden Street.

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