Sigourney Square Park's Big Belly

10/22/2013 | David

Category: Friends of Sigourney Square Park

Newly installed at Sigourney Square Park:  a Big Belly!  Big Belly trash receptacles are the latest in public garbage collection.  They double as trash compactors, which means they can go longer without having to be emptied, and they are solar powered, which means they can run without any external power connections.  They are entirely self-contained.  Better still, they can call the Department of Public Works when they need to be emptied or if they are in need of other service.  How cool is that?

There has been hope that they could be rolled out all over Hartford, but they are a bit big for placement on just any sidewalk.  They fit really well in the park, though, and we hope that they will be a boon for our anti-litter campaign in the park.

Oh, in case you're wondering, there's one Big Belly for garbage and one for recycling.  Very green!

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